November 16, 2017

Understanding Yourself

Do you know how there are a lot of clichés and or common phrases that we all know and understand the meaning behind them.  There is a phrase that I would like to see become as common and known to you as well as some of the other phrases.  This is what I mean, I will start and you finish these sentences.  Every rose has it’s ….  The early bird gets the …..  Life is like a box of ….  You can’t have dark without …. Now, if you would like to, make this very important phrase a part of your daily inner dialogue.  I will start and you finish, I feel valuable when….?  Getting to know yourself and what makes you feel valuable is very important to me, I am really interested in your health and happiness and your need to be heard and understood.  How can I help?  Come visit us a Well Spring Counseling and find out.  Get to know yourself, you’re worth it.  Ask yourself and figure out, I feel valuable when….? 

Just like this beautiful sunrise is the beginning of a new day,  I hope this is the beginning of you realizing how valuable you are and making it an everyday part of your inner dialogue.  I want the answer to "I feel valuable when..." to become known to you and as common to you as all the other common known phrases.

Hope you have a great day,
            Richard Morse LMSW, CCTP

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