January 18, 2018


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Get Your Love Needs Met!

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away.  It is a day when we celebrate romance.  Some people refer to it as “Singles’ Awareness Day” because many single people are not romantically involved at the moment. 

When we do not feel love in our lives, we feel it deeply because we human beings are wired to love and be loved.

Years ago there were studies done of why infant orphans in Germany were dying at a faster rate than those in Mexico.  The orphanages in Germany were more modern, were cleaner and better organized than the ones in Mexico.  In Germany there were better hygienic practices so the babies’ diapers were changed more frequently and the infants were fed on a more regular schedule than in Mexico.  However, the German orphanages had a higher mortality rate regardless of what they did.  The studies found the difference was “mamas.”  In Mexico the orphanage staff included women whose sole job was to pick up and love the infants.  They would cuddle them, sing to them and give them human contact.  The German orphanages did not have the “mamas” and the German babies were literally dying because they lacked love.  

We humans need love.

When our love needs are not met, we feel empty and lonely.  Our self-esteem drops and we feel out of place.  Our lives seem to have less purpose and we long to feel loved.

Four days before Valentine’s Day, February 10th, I am hosting a day-long seminar at the Shilo Inn devoted to giving you tools for your love needs to get met.  After this seminar you will never again need to feel unloved, empty and lonely.

Join me on February 10th at the “Ensure an Abundance of Love” seminar where we will add to the information found in chapters of my book “Get Your Needs Met!”.

We humans need love!

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